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Welcome to my coffee and food blog – my daily essentials.

I’m Helen a passionate coffee drinker and good food eater and also the founder of Feistic copy, content and PR.

I’m fortunate enough to have a full and busy life, working and juggling all that goes on. I’ve a passion for all things coffee and food related and love keeping up to date with lifestyle trends. I try and keep fit because of my love for the aforementioned coffee and food, but it’s an on-going struggle so I put my trust in lotions and potions (hoping and praying for miracles instead). I never tire of finding new beauty products to try or tasting the latest recipes and food trends (within reason).


I have a trusty helper in the form of my daughter Charlotte and I have a son too – Oliver. ‘Ollie’ is more interested in eating food rather than getting his hands dirty and cooking it – but that’s fine. My other half Andrew is my biggest food critic and my coffee barista/personal cocktail maker. He benefits from my experimental cooking and regularly dabbles himself…. actually he’s quite good 😜. Our family is completed with Berkeley, our bouncy cockapoo and Wilson our miniature Dachshund. They’re both mad, energetic andalways hungry….just like the rest of us. We have a get stuck in approach to life in general, but as long as there’s coffee and food involved somewhere along the way – we get by just fine. Coffee and Food brings everyone together and that’s just how we like it.

Having spent time living in London for 20 years, I accumulated an eclectic mix of work experience, from working in the hotel industry (including a stint at The Savoy) to working for an international rock star. As you can imagine, I met a fair mix of people from all walks of life – love it! No matter where I’ve worked though – coffee, food and lifestyle has always been an integral part of my life and continues to be. Whether it’s a catch up with friends over coffee (usually with cake) or sharing new products and ideas over a friendly and informal meal. Coffee and food brings us all together and I love it! People’s person is such a cliche term but I genuinely do love people and finding out about their backgrounds, cultures, life stories.


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