Trug Life

This week – we welcomed the arrival of the Veg Trug…..

It’s strange the way life evolves isn’t it? How at different stages of our lives, we’re satisfied with different things. For example; when I was younger, I wanted to stay out and party all night, sleeping the next day. Now I can’t wait to change into my stretchy pjs, slurp a large gin and tonic and be tucked up in bed circa 10.00pm. Perfect.

It’s the same with gardening. For many years whilst renting in London, having a garden was a luxury that was sadly way out of my league (unless I lived a million miles outside of the underground network!) When I found a little cottage in the grounds of a convent (long story) for rent – to my delight, it had it’s own little space. An actual garden outside. It wasn’t big – in fact it was tiny, but I was so happy and content to have it. That was all I wanted. I felt satisfied, until……..

So that was quite a few years ago. I now live in Derbyshire, surrounded by beautiful countryside. This house has a slightly larger garden than the cottage I had moved from. I was beyond excited to have this larger garden, a space for decking, a shed (yes – a dedicated garden shed, holy cow!) and a square patch of grass. Oh my, this, this is all I want! Nothing more, until…….

So yes, we’ve been lovingly nurturing this garden for a while now. Despite having two excitable dogs, we try and keep the lawn green and a border full of colour and delicate fragrance….but once again, the garden goal posts have moved. Despite still having a relatively small garden, we have decided to invest in a Veg trug. This way, we still have the lawn, the border of flowers, the decking and now…..a way of growing our own vegetables. Admittedly, we’re not going to be solving the world food shortage any time soon, but we will be able to have a go at growing some produce that we use on a regular basis.

So it’s built and we’ve planted as much as I think the trug can take (which is probably too much..but hey!) It actually comes with it’s own cover too – so hopefully even the coldest of Peak district winters won’t deter our planting!

I’ll hopefully be able to post updates. I say hopefully because, for both of us, trug life is a whole new concept. But this is all we need, we’re now completely satifisfied with our garden lot, until…….

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