Hi, welcome to my coffee and food blog – my daily essentials.

I am a passionate coffee drinker and food eater. I have a trusty helper – Charlotte. She’s 9 years of age and although not a coffee drinker as yet, she likes to get involved with the food aspect of things. I am also Mum to Oliver. Ollie is more interested in eating food rather than getting his hands dirty and cooking it – but that’s fine with us. Andrew will make guest appearances from time to time (he’s my other half) and we might make reference to Henry – our completely anti-social dog. (He often gets the left overs from experiments that went a little ……how shall we say……wrong!!)

I lived in London for 20 years and during this time I accumulated an eclectic mix of work experience, from working in the hotel industry (including a stint at The Savoy) to working for an international rock star. No matter where I’ve worked though – coffee and food has always been an integral part of my life and continues to be. Whether it’s a catch up with friends over coffee (usually with cake) or sharing a home made meal, food brings us all together and I love it!

So join me (us) for our weekly posts, photos, experiments and chats about life. Share with us your fabulous creations and recipes, follow us on Instagram and Facebook and generally spread the coffee and food word.

We have a get stuck in approach to life in general, but as long as there’s coffee and food involved somewhere along the way – we get by just fine. Look forward to hearing from you.