It’s a sunny Saturday, hip hip (part two)

So, first of all as promised, the finished product from this morning’s sleepover bake off.

The motto of the morning was ‘more is more’

Obviously, they look delicious but they REALLY do taste good. Regardless of how you decorate them and let’s face it – who doesn’t love pretending to be Nigella when decorating a cupcake, this recipe from the Primrose Bakery really is THE best (in my humble opinion). See for more details.

So, that was the morning. Meanwhile, our roving reporter Andrew is currently out in Berlin – it’s a ‘business’ trip….and as we know, if you want the best out of an employee, you look after them. So, Andrew and his team have been duly wined and dined since they landed. Not that I’m bitter or anything. First stop for them  – ‘The Sphere Restaurant’ at the Berlin TV Tower. How impressive! The only consolation being that I’m petrified of heights and would probably have fainted into the ever so delicate first course. Anyway,   I’ve created a little montage to Berlin in the hopes that I will get to sample these delights myself one day.

Life is a Cabaret old Chum, come to the Cabaret (well I would if my boss was paying) …..a sample of Berlin’s finest

So that’s the update from Berlin…..although more to follow and with more information and addresses.

My afternoon in the sunshine took us to glorious Chatsworth Such a wonderful place especially in the sun. Coffee and cake just had to be had but no pics of this – I didn’t want to detract from the beauty of the girl’s earlier efforts. So that’s it today. Lot’s of baking, walking, chatting and laughing and of course coffee…..oh and a cheeky glass of Sauvignon this evening (actually a couple, maybe three). Like I said coffee and food – life’s daily essentials.

Night night xx

It’s a Sunny Saturday…hip hip (part one)

Yes folks, its another sunny Saturday – so what are we doing this morning……baking!! Baking cupcakes (or fairy cakes or whatever you call them) comes as part and parcel of a primary girl sleepover activity. So despite the fact that none of us slept last night (actually that’s a lie – Ollie typically slept like a log and will not come round from his coma like sleep for at least another four hours) – Me, Charlotte and her two cronies are about to embark on creative cupcake time. I always try and keep to my motto of  ‘as long as they had fun’ when baking with children, (it’s not always possible but I do try). In keeping with not being a spoilsport I will post the results from the afore-mentioned session on here later on today. Just grabbing a cuppa and enjoying five minutes of sunny heaven whilst typing away in my little garden. Having spent many hot summers in London living in a small flat – having any kind of outdoor space – thats accessible whilst in your pj’s is something to indulge in on a regular basis.  I’ll spare you the pj  pic, but sharing this with you instead. Tune into part two later. xx IMG_5075

Off We Go……….

coffee image





It’s the first Monday in July. Wimbledon has started and so has my new blog…

My name’s Helen and I’m accompanied today by my beautifully, smiley daughter,Charlotte. She’s not always smiley but she is always beautiful.

Join me on my coffee and food journey. Share your recipes and your coffee recommendations as will I. I will probably also share the daily goings on in my life – that usually push me to require the need for a decent coffee and bite to eat.

Off we go!