Feel Good Food

Belated Happy New Year. It's that time of the year again, lots of resolutions about losing weight, dropping 5 sizes, learning new languages, making sourdough ....the list is endless. My resolution this year was to stop making unachievable resolutions that I would instantly fail at within a week of starting. I decided I just wanted … Continue reading Feel Good Food

Christmas 2020

Hi Everyone, I hope that everyone is feeling well, athough I know that there are those who aren't. It's been such a hard year for so many that I don't want to bang on about Christmas cheer etc, for fear of sounding a little glib. Today I started out early, I was driving to collect … Continue reading Christmas 2020

It’s a sunny Saturday, hip hip (part two)

So, first of all as promised, the finished product from this morning's sleepover bake off. The motto of the morning was 'more is more' Obviously, they look delicious but they REALLY do taste good. Regardless of how you decorate them and let's face it - who doesn't love pretending to be Nigella when decorating a … Continue reading It’s a sunny Saturday, hip hip (part two)

It’s a Sunny Saturday…hip hip (part one)

Yes folks, its another sunny Saturday - so what are we doing this morning......baking!! Baking cupcakes (or fairy cakes or whatever you call them) comes as part and parcel of a primary girl sleepover activity. So despite the fact that none of us slept last night (actually that's a lie - Ollie typically slept like … Continue reading It’s a Sunny Saturday…hip hip (part one)