Christmas 2020

Hi Everyone, I hope that everyone is feeling well, athough I know that there are those who aren’t. It’s been such a hard year for so many that I don’t want to bang on about Christmas cheer etc, for fear of sounding a little glib.

Today I started out early, I was driving to collect my Mum who lives on her own. She was due spend Christmas Day with us (as part of her ‘bubble’), but sadly, there was heavy rain accompanied by dense fog as I started my ascent across the hills. I’m not a comfortable country driver, in fact I’m pretty rubbish and soon found myself in the midst of a panic attack. With cars behind me and nothing in front, I completely lost the plot.

We were eventually able to pull into a country pub car-park and take stock. It absolutely wasn’t my finest moment. Unable to face driving into the higher hills, I waited until there was more visability and we headed back home via a different route. I had to cancel the trip.

I’m now sat listening to the rain pouring down on the windows. It’s a truly hideous day weather wise, but having just listened to some of Jeremy Vine’s stories from the past year, I realise that in the grand scheme of things, we’re very lucky. My Mum will not be on her own (she has formed a bubble with her nearby friend) and she is in good health. We’re safe here in our home, warm and with food. I also have good coffee.

For everyone who is struggling this Christmas, please reach out to someone. Whether you call someone or if you are able to link up on social media, don’t feel alone. Thank you to all the wonderful charities who work so hard to care for so many all year round.

I genuinely believe that there is light at the end of the ‘covid tunnel’, but in the meantime, keep safe everyone. Look after yourselves and those around you wherever you can. See you in the New Year.

Happy Christmas. (providing listening services) (offering support after bereavement)

#joinin on Twitter is a campaign by Sarah Millicon – it’s for anyone who feels alone on Christmas Day.

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