Belated Happy New Year.

It’s that time of the year again, lots of resolutions about losing weight, dropping 5 sizes, learning new languages, making sourdough ….the list is endless.

My resolution this year was to stop making unachievable resolutions that I would instantly fail at within a week of starting. I decided I just wanted to try a little harder and be an all round better person. That’s not saying I’ve been a horrible person up until this point, it’s just a way of saying I understand there’s always room for improvement and with regards to my diet, I wanted to pack in some more feel good food.

Food and Drink for 2021

So what have I decided? Well, despite the urge during lockdown to consume wine as early as breakfast, I will be having at least four nights a week without alcohol. I want to give my body (liver) a break and time to freshen up. I do try and exercise (run, jog, crawl, drag) and if I’ve had a few glasses of fizz the night before, it just doesn’t go with early energetic starts.

With regards to diet and food. My extremely well and informed contact at British Boxing News always stresses the importance of cooking fresh and from scratch. Make that your foundation principle when it comes to food consumption and you’re on to a winner. Ok, so I’m not a boxer (definitely not a boxer) but I think it’s a really good principle and I do always try to do it.

Meat Free Days

Another tweak to my diet includes having a couple of days off from cooking and eating meat. Again, I’m not eating steak morning, noon and night, but I do enjoy a good lasagne, roasted chicken etc from time to time. I figured that having a couple of days packing vegetables into my body would do me the world of good and give my digestive system a gentle break. It’s not rocket science but it’s achievable and that’s what I’m aiming for.


As mentioned earlier, I do try and keep active wherever possible. With an energetic cockapoo and a feisty dachshund, I walk each and every day, but I also try and fit in a couple of runs if I can. My goal for 2021 is to try and do some more strength work. Conscious of getting older, I’m desperate to stay as fit and active as I can for a long time so if that means working my core a little, then I have to accept it, even it I do begrudgingly.

So that’s my very simple ‘non-resolution, resolution’. Keeping it simple for 2021, trying to be a better person.

If you have any simple top tips, please let me know.

Here’s to a great 2021 everyone.



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