It’s a Sunny Saturday…hip hip (part one)

Yes folks, its another sunny Saturday – so what are we doing this morning……baking!! Baking cupcakes (or fairy cakes or whatever you call them) comes as part and parcel of a primary girl sleepover activity. So despite the fact that none of us slept last night (actually that’s a lie – Ollie typically slept like a log and will not come round from his coma like sleep for at least another four hours) – Me, Charlotte and her two cronies are about to embark on creative cupcake time. I always try and keep to my motto of  ‘as long as they had fun’ when baking with children, (it’s not always possible but I do try). In keeping with not being a spoilsport I will post the results from the afore-mentioned session on here later on today. Just grabbing a cuppa and enjoying five minutes of sunny heaven whilst typing away in my little garden. Having spent many hot summers in London living in a small flat – having any kind of outdoor space – thats accessible whilst in your pj’s is something to indulge in on a regular basis.  I’ll spare you the pj  pic, but sharing this with you instead. Tune into part two later. xx IMG_5075

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