Saturday night Tapas, Iberico World Tapas, Derby

So what’s a girl to do on a rainy evening in Derby? Yes – you’re right, find the best Tapas restaurant there is and indulge in as many dishes as you can without looking too greedy (which is an impossible task if I’m being honest).

Iberico World Tapas was the chosen venue and it absolutely was the best choice ever. As we walked through the door, we were instantly welcomed by a cheerful host and directed to the chic bar area whilst we waited for our table. Obviously we took this opportunity to order a couple of gin and tonics whilst we took in the ‘ambience’. The decor is minimalist: beautiful tiled mosaic squares fixed on cool, crisp white walls with uncluttered table and chairs in orange and yellow tones to complement. It’s super stylish and the menu reflects this.

Every single table was occupied which along with the gentle contemporary background music created a warm, welcoming atmosphere, not stuffy and not overly boisterous…just right. From the well thought out menu, we ordered the delicious, home made sour dough bread with Arbequina Olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar for nibbles, then five tapas dishes. I could have ordered more but I think that five is a good number (Andrew is not as greedy and reluctantly agreed to the five rather than four……I’m sure he appreciated my greed at the end of the meal though).

I won’t go through each of the dishes but I am going to highlight a couple because they were amazing: Onglet Beef Skewers with truffle Sauce…..omg!!!! melt in your mouth beef that had been char grilled , drizzled in the sauce that made (me) want to lick the bowl after we’d finished (as that would have embarrassed Andrew more than I usually do, I resisted the urge). The other dish that I have to mention is the Chorizo, Cauliflower with sherry vinegar. This was apparently new to the menu. Individual mini chorizo with a creamed cauliflower sitting amongst a tangy sherry vinegar. I did try to class the cauliflower as being one of my five a day, but it wasn’t that kind of cauliflower if you know what I mean. This was nice!!

With a bottle of wine, the bill came to £87.00. It was an absolute dream of a meal with fab service. Would definitely recommend.



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